Where are Online Casinos legal?

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Across the globe, the law surrounding online casinos is anything but consistent. If you’re hoping to play online casino games in Europe for example, you’re in the clear for the majority of countries but you’ll run into problems if you’re in France. Likewise, if you go to the Middle East, you could be running a major risk as casinos are banned throughout large areas. That is, unless you’re in Libya, where the massive Casino du Liban is sitting ready to meet all your gambling needs. This confusion is potentially dangerous which is why we’ve got this interactive map of the world that can give you the gist of what each region of the world is like in terms of casino law.

Gambling is something that’s been involved in just about every culture around the globe and there’s no one true home for the casino as gambling houses in some form or other have existed around the globe. The first casino in many people’s eyes, however, is one that popped up in Venice, Italy, in 1638. The famous Il Ridotto (or private room) which was, ironically, open to everyone. At least, in theory. Because it required a strict dress code that most Venetians couldn’t meet, Il Ridotto primarily catered to the elite and the wealthy as they’d originally intended. While it closed in 1774, the legacy lives in and Italy still has legalised casinos in which to play.

It’s a different story online though, we know that the very first online casino was the Gaming Club back in 1994 as one of the first users of Microgaming software. Though the first cash transaction was in 1996 at InterCasino using technology developed by Cryptologic. Since then the market has exploded and been a matter of great discussion across the globe as legislation and jurisdictions began to blur and people had to make up and pass applicable laws to limit the growing market. America’s been the poster-child for how indecisive and conflicted the world has been about the online casino market with multiple different laws depending on region and a general inconsistency about where you can play.

With different laws for online and land casinos, it’s important that you keep abreast of what is and isn’t legal based on where you. For that, check out this map for a more complete breakdown of each region and some specific examples.

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