What’s Better for Online Casino Games, Mobile or PC?

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The range of slot games now available to play online is phenomenal. There’s something to suit every type of player. Enjoy casino classics like Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra and Siberian Storm, or treat yourself to the abundance of hot new releases, including Hotline, Gemburst and Maji Wilds.

But whatever slots you choose to play, there’s one question about online casino games that remains unanswered: which platform provides a better experience for gamblers, mobile or PC?

Playing on PC

Slot games aren’t just there to offer quick thrills anymore; to capture the attention of the millennial generation and keep up with today’s popular PlayStation and Xbox titles (as well as all those snazzy app games like Candy Crush), modern slots need to provide a captivating gameplay experience.

Superb graphics, creative storylines and engaging bonus rounds are all means of achieving this. Nevertheless, the player’s choice of device is going to have a big impact on the player’s ability to fully engage with the slot game. The PC’s superior size and more pixelated display make it capable of showcasing most gameplay-enhancing slot features much better than your average smartphone, keeping the desktop platform a firm favourite with many hard-core casino gamers.

PCs have also long been thought of as the more dependable platform for those seeking an immersive gaming session. You don’t have to worry so much about a loss of connection or drop in battery life suddenly disrupting your playtime, as you would whilst playing on the move.

Playing on mobile

Despite the benefits of playing on you PC, however, convenience is everything in our hectic modern lives. The most obvious perk of playing mobile casino games is the ability to pull out your phone and have a quick game anywhere, anytime. This ease of access has seen the number of mobile casino players boom in recent years – and it’s only ever getting bigger.

The market has been quick to respond to the rapid growth in popularity. All good online casino sites now have their own custom-built apps available for download on both iOS and Android devices. This allows players to access all their favourite games at just the tap of a button. And you don’t have to worry about missing out on the extensive game catalogue that’s available on the casino’s main desktop site. Download and open the bgo.com app and you’ll be spoilt for choice with well over 500 bgo mobile slots to play – that’s pretty much the same number of titles as is available on PC.

What’s more, the latest smartphones are becoming better equipped to overcome many of the issues once associated with playing away from your computer. Whilst you’ll rarely find phones bigger than 6 inches, flashy high-resolution displays can let you take full advantage of the quality visuals in modern slots. And rest assured, today’s games aren’t just desktop versions squeezed into a smaller screen. Most have been specifically optimised to run on mobile, meaning no game speed or quality need be compromised.

An increase in wi-fi hotspots, better 3G/4G signals and bigger internal mobile processors are also helping to keep your on-the-go gaming sessions running more smoothly.

Our verdict

If you’re playing at home, playing slot games on your PC is never a bad decision.

Nevertheless, one of the best things about today’s slot games is their mobility. Playing on your smartphone allows you to stay entertained whenever and wherever you may be. What’s more, gambling firms and game software companies are continuing to improve mobile slots to cater to the growing number of mobile users. This, combined with new technologies and rapid improvements in handheld smartphones, should see the casino gameplay experience get even better as the years go by. For this reason, we think the mobile gaming platform is the way forward.