What to Look for in a Great Slots Game


Slots” (CC BY 2.0) by p_x_g

Ever since the very first slots machine was invented over a century ago in California by a young mechanical engineer called Charles Fey these games have found worldwide popularity and success.

Today’s slots may be a million miles from Fey’s original Liberty Bell machine whose jackpot was a paltry 50 cents, but the principle behind them remains the same. You pay to spin the reels and if the right combination of symbols appear, you win.

Whether you’re a seasoned slots player or a relative novice there are a few features to look for when you’re choosing a slot that’s going to be fun to play. Here they are.

A theme that appeals to you

This is the first thing to look for is the sort of slots game that ties in with your interests or other hobbies. For example, sports followers will find plenty out there featuring games like football and basketball. Or, if you’re a superhero movie fan then you’ll find that there’s no shortage of slots games featuring the characters you’ll find at marvel.com/movies, as well many from dccomics.com/movies too.

nitro stacks slot

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A good RTP

For the uninitiated, RTP stands for Return To Player. This figure, expressed as a percentage, is the verified proportion of the stake money for a game that is paid back as winnings. For the best slots, this figure should be well over 90% – and there are some sites, such as slotsonlinecanada.com, that will even show the overall RTP for an online slots casino as a whole. This, along with their reviews of specific slots games, can give a very good indication of how good your playing experience will be.

Bonus features

Within slots reviews, there’s bound to be a section on the different kinds of bonus features and rounds that a game includes. These might be the chance to qualify for a large number of free

spins, to multiply your winnings or even to enjoy a “lucky dip” style of play to win an amount that’s only revealed once you’ve made your choice. A good slots game will have plenty of these kinds of bonuses to keep players interested as well as to potentially boost your winnings.

A game from a recognised name

Developing good slots games is a long and complex process that also requires quite a lot of investment. This means that the top games tend to come from a handful of software houses with some of the best-known being microgaming.co.uk, or PlayTech and NetEnt. So whenever you see one of these names behind a slots game you’ll know that it will provide a quality gaming experience.

So hopefully these few tips have given you some useful pointers as to what to look for in a slots game that’s fun to play. Of course, it really all comes down to personal preferences. But rest assured that just a little searching will bring you a whole world of choice.