Virtual Reality Soon to be a Significant Part of the Online Gambling Story

According to a new study conducted by the UK research firm Opinium and commissioned by path-breaking gaming site SlotsMillion, an overwhelming majority (92%) of the people interviewed were already aware of Virtual Reality as a concept. As a matter of fact, 23% of them also had some experience of Virtual Reality, having previously tried it out in some form or the other. The report also indicated that the greatest interest in this new technology came from people in the 18-34 age group. After all, this technology has consistently been targeted towards a younger market or the Millennial generation.

The report also had many interesting revelations as will be elaborated below.

Virtual Reality Appeals to Different Age Groups

The report pointed out, to a little surprise, that 24% of the interviewees between the ages of 35 and 54 as well as 10% of those over the age of 55 have already had some experience of VR. What’s more, people in these age groups indicated that they were interested in this emerging technology. Specifically, 66% of the respondents aged between 35 and 54 years and 56% of those above 55 years gave a positive answer when asked if they found VR interesting.

Mostly Male Interest in Virtual Reality

There seems to be a marked gender divide when it comes to VR. 72% of all male respondents said that they were interested in the technology. 30% said that they had tried it out. But the responses from female interviewees were only 60% and 18% respectively.

Moderate Levels of Interest

There seems to be sufficient interest in VR to indicate that it has a future in the gaming industry. 19% of the respondents were ‘interested’ in the technology and 14% were ‘very interested’. While 33% had only ‘mild interest’ in the technology, a minuscule 1% admitted to being ‘obsessed’ with it.

Virtual Reality Deployment Areas

There are many areas that VR can be a part of. But most people contacted as part of the survey said that they would consider using it to enhance their gaming followed by travel experiences. Other popular options for using this technology include television, movies, and musical performances. There was also interest in using VR headsets to participate in sports-related broadcasts and games.

Plenty of Areas for Growth in the Virtual Reality Technology

It is estimated that the market for VR technology will be 171 million people by 2018. This will certainly give rise to enormous business opportunities for hardware and software companies. By then, the revenue from products that use it will cross $4.6 billion. There is a strong likelihood that VR software will experience a massive 3000% increase in revenues from 2017 to 2018.

Alexandre Tomic is the CEO of SlotsMillion. He is of the opinion that the biggest obstacle in the way of trying out this technology is the lack of access to VR headsets. Many potential customers are well aware of this technology and its potential. But they haven’t been able to try it out for themselves. Another major issue, at least for the present, is the cost of the headsets. However, prices of the headsets will inevitably be driven down as a result of increased competition and improved technology.

SlotsMillion Casino made its debut in 2014. Sine then it has stolen a march over the others by being the first Virtual Reality casino that features real-money games. The casino is part of ALEA, a gambling business that has been in operation since 2012. ALEA has made a very good reputation for itself by focusing on innovations in the industry.

The company will no doubt try to live up to its promise. It will do that by continuing to develop and promote its VR casino.

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