Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to Play Major Role in Online Gambling Biz

The online gambling industry is always on the lookout for the next best thing. This has helped the business expand at a truly impressive pace over the past few years. The industry is currently exploring virtual reality and augmented reality technologies as a way to help it attract younger customers. This is because they aren’t particularly impressed by what the existing gambling sites have to offer. In any case, many online gamblers feel that web based casinos lack a personalised touch.

The millennial generation is very important to ensure the growth of this industry. But the youngsters have a marked preference for video games and social media over conventional online gambling. According to industry experts, the VR and AR component at online gambling sites is expected to cross £423 million within a mere half decade. The online gambling industry is itself a massive one. It generates business worth £3 billion annually in the United Kingdom alone, and managing a growth of 10% at present.

Internet-Based Gambling Industry

The internet based gambling industry has always adopted new technologies. They have done this in order to provide customers with an enjoyable gaming experience from the comfort of their homes. There is no doubt at all that VR and AR will be able to attract more customers. They have the potential to provide a better gaming experience in addition to highly effective marketing opportunities. The new technologies will go a long way to bridge the gap between land based and online gaming. Interestingly, plenty of older players have also expressed their interest in trying out these technologies for online gaming.

There aren’t too many VR online casinos at present. However, this isn’t very surprising given that the industry is in its infancy. But the ones that exist look very promising indeed! Online gaming software development companies have also come on board with the VR trend. They have started to develop games for this technology. At present, the focus seems to be on slot games although the other gambling verticals also show immense potential. Leading gaming company Microgaming is currently at the forefront of the VR revolution. But it is only a matter of time before other companies start doing the same.

Cost of VR Headsets Proving to be a Hindrance

The price of VR headsets is another stumbling block to the development of the industry. But hardware companies are working to develop high-quality headsets that will soon be available at extremely reasonable prices. With the development of new hardware and software, one can certainly expect big things from online VR gambling.

When it comes to Augmented Reality, the runaway popularity of Pokemon Go the previous year is a good indication of how successful games that feature this technology can become. Players are always on the lookout for unique gaming experiences. Especially those that permit them to interact with other gamers via their respective gaming characters. This technology will also permit players to enjoy gaming at different places when they are on the move.

Microsoft Working on Hololens

Software giant Microsoft is currently working on a new product called Hololens. It is expected to have a massive impact on the augmented reality gaming industry. This is a headset that uses cutting edge technology to offer a far superior gaming experience. It will be nothing compared to what the other products currently offer. The industry is also eagerly looking towards the collaboration between Infinity Augmented Reality Inc. and Google. It will be worth seeing what revolutionary technology will be its outcome.

It is safe to say that the online gambling industry has already changed beyond recognition over the past decade or so. The online gambling industry will continue to evolve dramatically. This is great news for all the parties concerned, from governments to industry players to individual gamblers.

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