Slotegrator Webinar on Cryptocurrency Use at Online Casinos

The online gambling industry is always at the forefront of adopting new technologies and styles of working; it is no surprise that the industry has taken to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and LiteCoin in a big way. By all indications, cryptocurrencies are getting to be very popular at online casinos. Far-seeing operators are therefore rushing to add this option to the list of currencies they are willing to accept. However, acceptance continues to be patchy at best. This, in spite of the efforts of many operators to popularise the use of Bitcoin and other similar currencies.

There are quite a few cryptocurrencies in circulation these days. But there isn’t a lot of clear knowledge about Bitcoin or the others. As a matter of fact, there are a great many misconceptions about these currencies. This is the reason why many people hesitate to use them. This hesitation regarding cryptocurrencies can be quite harmful to the internet based gambling industry. Therefore, steps are being taken to address the problem at the earliest.

Web-based Seminar Conducted by Slotegrator

There is going to be a web-based seminar in Moscow on this very topic. It promises to be very exciting and useful indeed. Industry experts from Slotegrator and Cubits will be a part of this webinar. They will weigh in on what makes Bitcoin and numerous other digital currencies so important to the industry. They will also try to clear many misconceptions about these currencies.

The Slotegrator webinar in question is scheduled for 4:00 pm Moscow Time on 21 of April. It will be called ‘Why do online casino operators switch to cryptocurrency’. It will be conducted by two highly regarded industry experts. Vadim Potapenko, Slotegrator’s Development Manager and Maxim Krupyshev, Cubits, Chief Operating Officer are the hosts.

What to Expect from the Slotegrator Webinar?

The webinar will provide a lot of information. It will cover points about the various digital currency options and how that can be used for online gambling. Furthermore, the webinar will also go into considerable detail about the significance of Bitcoin. It will throw light on Bitcoin being an option to make payments to a gambling site.

There will also be a section on regulatory issues. This is of particular importance. There still continues to be a lack of clarity on how the circulation of digital currency will be controlled. Some countries are in the process of bringing digital currencies under the ambit of their laws. This is because they can exercise more control over how it is used.

The webinar will also discuss various legislations that have been passed and also those that have just been drafted. It is quite likely that gambling operators and customers alike have stayed away from cryptocurrencies. This is because they are unsure of their legal status.

Krupyshev is expected to cover the all important question of what obstacles stand in the way of digital currencies being accepted at online casinos. He will follow that up with a section on what operators need to do for Bitcoin system payment integration.

Questions to be Taken Up at Slotegrator Webinar

Potapenko will take questions on the functionality of online casinos that only accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. At present, people are concerned about the risks of dealing with Bitcoin. Therefore, another important topic will be whether or not cryptocurrency transactions will have adequate security. Finally, the webinar will also discuss whether digital currencies have an important role to play in the online gambling industry in the future.

As an interesting addition, the Cubits service package will be showcased to the webinar audience.

People who interested in taking part in this webinar have been requested to register themselves via the Slotegrator website. This promises to be a very useful event. It is attracting a lot of attention from people belonging to different sectors of the online gambling industry.

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