Poker or Blackjack Which Game is Best?


But, and this is a big but, players of either of those two games are going to have to get plenty of playing experience behind them if they are to learn how to play each hand perfectly and how to utilize the very best playing strategy.

A good understanding of the mathematics of both Poker and Blackjack is needed too, for one thing that players are going to discover is that there are many different variants of both games, and not all Blackjack games are going to offer skilled players a very low house edge.

As for just which games players should be making a beeline to play, well it is all down to just what type of playing experience they are looking for and just what type of playing environment they are looking for too. In this article I will be looking at what both games offer and how they compare to each other.

Gaining an Advantage Playing Blackjack

Compared to Poker, Blackjack is a game that is very easy to learn, and as long as you make the conscious decision to play only those variants that have the very lowest house edge, and then learn how to play off each hand perfectly, you will always have a winning chance.

In fact, all a player will need to do to ensure they are never going to make any strategic playing errors is get themselves a basic Blackjack strategy card for the variant they have chosen to play.

By doing so, that card will then let them know how to play off each and every hand combination that had been dealt out to them, based on the value of those Players hands and what card the Dealer is showing.

Whether you will enjoy playing Blackjack as opposed to playing Poker, well there are a huge number of differences between those two games, as you can see here, but by giving both games some play time you will soon get a good idea as to just which game suits you the best.

Mastering the Art of Playing Poker

Two major qualities that all professional and successful poker players will always display are being able to work out the odds as to their current cards winning a hand, but also being able to read other players too.

Even at the stage of any poker game where a player only has their two initial cards, all experienced poker players are going to very quickly be able to make a snap but perfectly worked out decision as to whether they should play on with those two cards based on their values, or fold their hand and get out of the game.

Bluffing is also an art form, and whilst any player could quickly develop the skills required to bluff their way to winning a pot, they will soon get found out and have their bluff called if they are not bluffing skilfully.

As to whether Poker is the game for you, well as long as you are prepared to put in many years of playing experience, and also learn the true value of any and all hands that are dealt out to you, and can also look for and spot little tells displayed by other players then it is a game you will enjoy, and may just become very skilled at playing too.

Blackjack and Poker Playing Environments

One final thing I would advise both Blackjack and Poker players to be fully aware of, is that there are several different playing environments available to them in which they can play those two ever popular card games.

Many players much prefer when playing games such as Poker to play them in a real life land based playing environment, as that way they can look other players in the eye, so to speak, and can additionally keep their eyes peeled for any give away tells that other players may be displaying.

As for playing Blackjack, well virtually all land based casinos are going to have a range of different variants on offer to players, and as for those players that are skilled at counting cards it is in the land based playing environment they will be playing those games.

Online and mobile players are faced with a completely different playing structure however, for unless they play at live casino sites that use real dealers and real playing cards, they are going to be playing against a random number generator, so they are never going to be able to count cards when playing online or via a mobile casino app.