How Pay By Phone Offers Multiple Advantages to Online Gambling?

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance when you gamble on the internet, especially when you have to provide your personal and financial information to online casinos. You can now use the option of pay by phone services to avoid giving any sensitive financial information to gambling sites. Of course, you do need to give your personal information to the casino when you open your account, but a service like Payforit allows you to make payments entirely via your mobile bill. All you have to do is feed in your mobile number and then enter a one-time code that will be sent to your phone in order to add the deposit amount to your bill.

Payforit is more than a safe and convenient payment service. It is also exceedingly versatile. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to have a post-paid phone service in order to use it; you can even send the charges to your pre-paid mobile phone where it will be subtracted from the balance, as long as you keep buying top ups. What this means is that you can use this service as long as you have a mobile phone.

There are a great many online casinos available to play on and you’ll have choose the best possible one in order to have a very good gaming experience. Of course, you do have to consider the range of games available at a casino and the amount of bonuses it offers, but you should also check the level of safety and security the site offers, especially when it comes to making payments.

Pay by Phone Bill and SMS

If you gamble regularly, then you’ll find yourself making fairly frequent payments via credit or debit cards. Moreover, eWallets or bank transfers also popular with a lot of people. But you’ll have to use your log in and passwords every time. The biggest benefit of using pay by phone bill and SMS is that it is extremely secure from prying eyes. Its additional benefit is that money can be transferred to your account with the least possible delay.

E-wallets are quite popular with people. This is because gambling charges don’t turn up on their bank statements or credit card bills. They are no doubt very quick to use. But you’ll have to ensure that you load them with funds before you use them, which is an additional step. Pay by phone bill offers you the simplest way to fund your online gambling account.

There are only a few casinos at present that offer pay by phone bill as an option. The industry’s track record of quickly adopting new technologies and concepts is a great advantage. It will only be a matter of time before this payment option is offered by a large number of online casinos.

How to Pay by Phone Bill?

Payforit is extremely easy to use. Firstly, go to the deposit page of your casino. Then, add any pay by phone bill option, Payforit for example, as your desired payment method. You’ll have to feed in your cell phone details and complete the verification process.

All you have to do is click on the ‘Payforit’ payment option. Here you’ll be able to add the merchant details as well the amount you want to deposit to your account before you click on ‘buy now’. The information will then be sent to your mobile network operator who will then add the charges to your account.

Depending on the type of payment plan you have, the charge will be added to your bill. You’ll then have to pay at the end of the month or it will be deducted from your balance. You can even register your mobile number with an online casino so that you can make deposits via SMS.

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