Online vs Land-Based Casinos – What Does the Future Hold for the Gambling Industry?

The online gambling industry has surprised everyone with the speed at which it has grown to its existing size and the remarkable growth rate that it has maintained. There are more than 800 online casinos operating at present, and they collectively serve millions of players living in different parts of the world.

Online Casinos or Land-Based Casinos – Who will Win in the Gambling Industry?

Many countries have realised the inevitable and have legalized the online gambling industry because a regulated business is the best way to protect the interests of the customer while also generating heavy tax revenues. At the same time, there are countries that have banned it outright. There are still more countries that frown upon it without banning it explicitly, thereby letting it exist in a grey area that doesn’t benefit anyone but the operator.

What has become very clear over the past decade or so is that online gambling is here to stay. People enjoy the fact that they can visit sites for a spot of gambling whenever the mood strikes them. Online casinos offer a safe, enjoyable and cost effective gambling experience. You don’t have to travel to a land-based casino if you’re not in the mood. People living in areas that frown upon online gambling will go so far as to visit offshore gambling sites, making use of a number of digital payment systems to hide their tracks. Therefore, the question arises whether the fast growth of online gambling will lead to the ultimate demise of its land-based counterpart.

Supporters of land based casinos needn’t worry much about the rapid growth of the online business since each one provides a different experience with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Convenience vs Ambience in the Gambling Industry

Customers of online casinos are looking for convenience more than anything else. They like the fact that they can log into their gambling account irrespective of where they are and what time of the day it is. Also, they have huge libraries of games to select from since there are no floor space and fewer cost constraints. In fact, it is very common for the desktop version of gambling sites to have 600-700 games. On the other hand, the mobile sites have approximately 100 titles. People also have the option of trying out these games online for free.

Land based casinos, on the other hand, offer a good ambience that their online counterparts cannot match. People go to these places in order to enjoy the atmosphere and not just the gambling. Most casinos are part of leisure complexes that consist of hotels or resorts and shopping arcades. The experience here is therefore highly enhanced, and one that people are willing to pay extra money for. Furthermore, there is no possibility of playing for free at these casinos.

Cost Differences in the Gambling Industry

Online gambling tends to be cheaper than land-based gambling. This is because the former tends to offer a better Return to Player (RTP) ratio than the latter. Also, online casinos are very generous with offers and promotions that include free spins and bonus money. This is because the business is highly competitive. Also because the operators do not have to deal with the overheads of a land based business.

Coexistence is Inevitable in the Gambling Industry

Areas such as European countries that have well-established land based and online gambling industries can show the way for the future. Both types of gambling operate side by side in these places. They give players the option to choose one or the other depending on what they are in the mood for.

It is very unlikely that online gambling will ever be able to match the immersion and glamour of the land-based casinos. No matter what technology develops! Therefore, there will continue to be space for both types of gambling in the future.

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