Online Casinos and Technology: What Will the Industry Embrace Next?

woman with vr headset

While casino gaming has been hugely popular for a number of decades, few could have predicted the huge impact that the online world would have on the area. Research suggests that the current value of the online gambling sector globally stands at $46 billion, while – incredibly – it is expected to essentially double in size across the next five years to $94 billion.

There are undoubtedly a number of factors behind the industry’s mammoth success, but one element which will have played a part is its willingness to move with the times and embrace new technological innovations along the way. The area has done this in a number of ways through the years and reaped major rewards as a result.

Impressive innovations

The capabilities of online gameplay have meant that casino sites have been able to offer a range of different experiences to their players. Such sites not only offer all kinds of classic games, but they then also tend to provide a range of variations on those as well. A good example of this can be seen at Paddy Power’s casino blackjack section, where it offers different takes on the game including Buster Blackjack, Premium Blackjack Single Hand, All Bets Blackjack and Blackjack Surrender.

Furthermore, so-called ‘live casino’ experiences are now a common part of this world and are a great example of how the industry has embraced the power of video streaming. The concept allows players to enjoy games which are hosted by a dealer via a live video link, with the set-up offering a thoroughly authentic experience.

Finally, another obvious way that online casinos have embraced technological innovation is by offering their services via apps. The move has opened people up to the idea of playing casino games on the move, whether it is on a smartphone or tablet.

The future?

So while the examples above clearly show how the industry has always been open to embracing new technology, what could ultimately be next on its agenda?

Well, the emergence of 5G and the new capabilities that the mobile technology will offer in terms of speed could create opportunities for the sector and lead to the creation of more sophisticated experiences for smartphone and tablet. In addition, gaming has once again embraced virtual reality technology in recent years through products like PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, so it may not be outlandish to suggest that online casinos could look to create immersive experiences based on the concept.

Finally, another area of interest could be augmented reality. The huge potential offered by the technology has been seen in hit mobile games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokemon Go in recent years and it could be intriguing to see how online casinos can make use of it.

Never standing still

The gaming industry is really thriving at the moment but it has shown time and time again down the years that it is an area which never stands still.

New technology and innovations are emerging all of the time and it will be fascinating to see how the hugely popular online casino world continues to develop in the months and years ahead.

Image Source: Pixabay