Online Boxing Betting Users can Now Bet Using Their Phone Bills

There have been many instances when online boxing betting users have run out of cash. They never had any other option to place a bet on their favourite boxing match. But the time has come now when online gamblers can place a bet without having to worry about the cash in hand, as they can now deposit money via their favourite online gambling sites with an option of paying the deposited amount with their next phone bill.

This may sound a little confusing to some of the regular online boxing betting users who are used to betting with their debit or credit cards, or even e-wallet for that matter. But this is sure going to prove a handy option, when the player is already on a winning streak, to either bet on sports or any other online casino games.

The player will have to register to a mobile betting or mobile casino site in order to take advantage of this option. The plus point is that, most of these sites already give an option which can be seen at their banking interfaces.

We have mentioned a few pros and cons of this new method of depositing money. This is for all players who want to get their hands on betting quickly or for those players who would want to utilize this option in the near future.

Pros and Cons of Paying Via Phone Bills Applicable to All Online Boxing Betting Users

Reduced Daily Deposits Limit for Online Boxing Betting Users

The good thing is that you can keep an eye on how much you’ve paid while using this option. The daily maximum limit has been set by various gambling sites for this option. This allows the player to not end up receiving a huge amount when the phone bill arrives.

Monthly Contracts or Prepaid Accounts for Online Boxing Betting Users

Prepaid as well as monthly billing contracts are eligible to pay via phone bills while betting on boxing. The player can make a deposit via this option as long as the credit limit on the monthly billing amount is high or there is credit for the prepaid account available.

Not a Withdrawal Option for Online Boxing Betting Users

This option works as a one-way banking system. So players do not get an option of crediting their winning amount to their phone bills. Hence, it is important to pick an additional option to withdraw your winning amounts. This is true only if you’d like to withdraw your winnings as soon as possible.

Bonus Qualifications for Online Boxing Betting Users

You are eligible to claim all the bonus rewards that you would otherwise claim using any other banking method. Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on all the bonuses and other offers. This way, you can extract maximum value possible, using this particular option.

Majority of Airtime Providers Available for Online Boxing Betting Users

Most of the mobile airtime providers have joined their hands with pay by bill service providing companies. Even if your provider hasn’t yet, there is a very good chance that your provider will soon join the list of other providers opting for this particular service. Hence, a player should not experience any real problem to use this option.

There are some things the player needs to be aware of. They need to be of a legal age to gamble in his/her particular country. This means that the player needs to be above 18 years of age if the country of residence is the UK. They need to be above 21 if the country of residence is the US.  Being 21 years and above is also applicable to people who want to gamble on any mobile gambling sites or online gambling sites. These include online casinos, bingo, poker or any sports betting sites. So, if you are of legal age in your country, then don’t hesitate to utilize this option.

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