The New Partnership Mansion and Boku and What it Means for Online Gamers

Boku strikes a new partnership deal with Mansion. They are one of the biggest companies in the entertainment and gaming market within the UK. Thanks to this new partnership between Mansion and Boku, players can now deposit money to their mobile casino accounts with just a single click.

Not only this, but the old agreements have been expanded by Boku as well. Vodafone, O2 and EE currently hold an account with more than 60 million UK mobile customers. This enables Boku’s deposit capability for all Mansion mobile gamers on these networks.

The Partnership Between Mansion and Boku

‘Mansion is delighted to partner with Boku. Both  the users and the companies prioritize quick, secure and unified payment option. This is provided by carrier billing in order to deposit funds.’

Thanks to this deal between Mansion and Boku, players won’t have to go through multiple options of bank card and credit card details, while making deposits. Via Boku, the players now only have to choose the ‘Pay by mobile’ option in the payment section. The charges will be directly applied to the monthly phone bill of the mobile user. Players also have an option of making this their default deposit option. This thrilling option can now be found on both and brands.

From an Official of the Mansion Group

The Head of Mansion’s Product, Nikki Carter said, “With our new design, we have kept the mobile experience of the user simple and as spontaneous as possible. This also includes the first deposit made by the player. Boku being our new partner, we can enable new customers to utilise this option. It requires just a single click to charge their existing mobile account. This certainly makes it easier and quicker for players to get access to our games.”

“This simple payment option is available to the players for both and both mobile accounts and for apps”.

From an Official of Boku

Boku’s CEO, Jon Prideaux stated, “Boku has found a superb partner in Mansion. Both users and companies are offered quick, secure and unified payment option. This is conveniently provided by the carrier billing in order to deposit funds.”

“The company’s roots have extended deep when it comes to mobile gaming. So it can be beneficial for the core business to partner with Mansion. With this, another dimension is added to the trendy acceptance of carrier billing as an option of depositing and paying money.”

Gambling alone is an impressive £12.6 billion market in the UK. Out of that, 30% of the market accounting to nearly £3.6 billion is transacted online via web games and mobiles. Mansion is one of the leading brands when it comes to gaming in the UK. Apart from it, many other popular online gambling companies have accepted carrier billing as an option. So when it comes to depositing money via phone bills, it includes Probability (part of IGT), Gaming Realms, Boyle Sports as well as PokerStars.

More About Mansion

The Mansion Group was launched in 2004. It successfully managed to establish itself as one of the leading providers in the entertainment and online gambling market. The company has an experience of more than 10 years. Hence, it is no surprise that the company has a strong international player base and an impressive market share.

Players can explore more at

More About Boku

Boku is one of the leading names when it comes to direct carrier billing mobile payments. It is associated with more than hundreds of mobile operators all across the globe. The players can charge purchases directly to their mobile bills. They can do this by using one of Boku’s top feature, which is bank-grade payments technology.

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