How to Stay Safe When Gambling Online

Did you know that almost 75 percent of Brits gamble from time to time? It’s an astonishingly high statistic and one that shows just how great the scope of the casino industry is. Almost all of us will have a go at one point or another and, for many of us, this will be achieved through the medium of an online provider.

While many of these enterprises are entirely reputable and above board, any activity that takes place on the internet carries some degree of risk, thanks to the threat posed by cybercriminals and hackers. This means that – just like when you shop online – it literally pays to know exactly how to protect yourself.

To help you out, here are three top tips to live and game by.

Only use reputable online casinos


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The first step in making sure you’re safe online is to look for a reputable and properly licensed provider. This will necessitate carrying out a small amount of research, but luckily sites such as Paddy Power, which offers a plethora of gambling games online, have a reputation for excellence, plus a highly admirable commitment to responsible gaming. This is all incredibly useful in verifying trustworthiness, authenticity and a genuine commitment to the consumer, so should always be seen as a big tick in the individual casino’s favor. The fact they’re licensed will also protect you, as it means the enterprise absolutely must adhere to certain rules and standards in order to remain operational.

Make sure the casino only uses encrypted logins

If a casino is reputable, you should also expect it to have proper protective processes in place for its customers and that includes the use of encrypted logins. As a registered player, expect to have to secure your account with a password and if you don’t have to do so as a matter of standard, see it as a major warning sign. A failure to use such systems leaves your details open to hackers and so should engender little faith in the provider and their security practices.

Choose your payment method carefully


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When it comes to gaming online, remember your safety is not solely tied up with the casino. No matter how secure and safety conscious your provider may be, your details can also be left vulnerable by your payment method, so only use those you know you can trust. You should be alright with established brands such as Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Neteller and Skrill, but lesser known concerns are best avoided, unless you wish to do some in-depth research before relying on them. The former options, on the other hand, do not require any such rigorous efforts, given that they’re all fully licenced, with many years of experience behind them. This means you can have complete faith that your money is safe in their hands.

As with any online activity, internet gambling does carry some small risk of cybercrime but, provided you stay clued up, there’s no need for you to ever fall victim. Educate yourself, make any and all decisions with the proper degree of caution, and your money should be entirely safe in their keeping.