Five Tips to Hopefully Improve Your Chances At Slots

With online casino games of all types, there is almost a chicken-and-egg-style debate to be had: what do you need more of to be successful… skill or luck?

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When it comes to slot gaming, you would find most argue that luck is the key ingredient for a profitable session – after all, once you have pulled the trigger and spun the reels, your success (or otherwise) is in the lap of the gods.

That’s in stark contrast to, say, blackjack, where if you apply perfect strategy you can actually reduce the house’s edge.

But back to slots, and we’re here to tell you that you can, theoretically, improve your chances of winning by following five simple tips, which we have reproduced below.

#1 – Return to Sender

Did you know that you can actually predict how often a slot game will pay out?

Okay, so it’s not an exact science, and luck and timing will remain your two key weapons for success.

But all slots have what is known as a Return to Player (RTP) rate, which dictates how much each game pays out if it was played an infinite number of times.

For example, RTP tends to range from 90% to 97% in most instances. In the former, you can expect to win 90% of your total stake back, and so on.

The point is that you can still turn a profit in any slot gaming session: the RTP is simply a guide.

The salient fact is that the higher the RTP, the more often you will win – however, that does not necessarily you will win more than on a lower RTP title, where the payouts may be higher.

#2 – Consider the Volatility

Linked in some ways to the RTP, all slots are categorised by how ‘volatile’ they are.

A high volatility slot is one where, in essence, you can be spinning for an eternity and not get a win – a low RTP title, usually. Then, when you do land a winning turn, it is often incredibly rewarding from a financial perspective.

In contrast, low volatility slots tend to pay out smaller amounts more often. As such, these are typically high RTP games where the object is to accumulate on a ‘slow and steady’ basis, using the law of marginal gains to keep topping up your prize payout.

#3 – Take Advantage of Bonuses & Promotions

One of the best ways to get a ‘feel for a particular game or for online slots, in general, is to play as many times as you can without risking your bankroll.

To achieve that, we recommend looking out for welcome bonuses and promotions where you don’t have to put your hard-earned funds on the line. That includes free spins bonuses, money back offers and, most commonly, deposit match bonuses – yes, you have to dip into your account, but at least you get some ‘free’ funds to play with too.

With stacks of these offers out there, your best port of call is to use a free spins code no deposit, which is the holy grail of casino bonuses. Here, you can enjoy some free turns of the reels without even having to spend a penny – what a way to learn your slots craft and, potentially, pick up some easy wins.

#4 – Make Your Budget Count

How much you are willing and able to wager on your favourite slot games will be determined by your own financial circumstances.

We always advise caution – slots should be considered a source of fun, rather than a money-making opportunity, and we respectfully advise that you only bet what you are willing to lose.

On that note, think about your bankroll as a big tasty pie. Yes, it would be nice to gobble up the pastry-based masterpiece in one go, but then your satisfaction is very limited. But if you have small slices of the pie at regular intervals, your enjoyment of it lasts for far longer.

Which, bakery metaphors aside, is a way of saying be careful to manage your budget effectively. There’s no point splurging it all in one sitting, so decide how much want to wager with each session and stick to that unreservedly.

#5 – Do Your Research

In the good old days of mechanical slots, some machines were said to be ‘loose’, i.e. it could be predicted when they were about to pay out. These would then often be taken for multiple wins.

loose slots

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There was a semblance of truth to this, and that was based on the games in-built RTP, which we have already written about.

Another way to find the best ‘loose’ slots is to browse the list of recent winners that most casinos have on their sites. You will see a rollcall of names, the amount they have won and the game they were playing – if you spy any ‘repeat offenders’ as far as loose slots are concerned, then that is a good angle of attack to try.

By following this tip and the other four strategies outlined above, hopefully you can shift the balance of slot gaming power back in your favour somewhat!