Don’t Hold Your Breath if You’re Waiting For the Augmented Reality Online Casino

the venetian

The Venetian Casino” (CC BY 2.0) by nick.amoscato

In the two decades that online casinos have been in existence, the pace of development and increasing sophistication has been incredible. Things have moved on from the earliest days when the games were little more than two-dimensional representations of roulette and card games, to the present; where many sites even offer the chance to play in a “live casino” environment.

Of course, it’s been the technology that has driven this change, whether we’re talking about the programmes that run the games, the hardware that they’re played on, or the ever-increasing speed of online connections.

It’s not just the games themselves that have been attracting the constantly growing number of players. The very generous bonuses that are advertised, like those at for example, also have a big part to play. Plus, when you visit a site like this, there are also reviews of the sites themselves, as well as a star rating system to help players compare each casino and pick the best for them.

But, over the years, it’s also been the operators’ constant drive to introduce new games, features, and ways to experience the casino that has fuelled their success – and today it’s no different.

At the moment, one of the hot topics is the possibility of the augmented and virtual reality online casino experience. This would take the live online casino experience to a whole new level. Imagine being able to slip on a headset and find yourself in any environment you choose. You could be playing blackjack in the Casino de Monte Carlo or mixing with the high rollers around a Las Vegas roulette table. And it needn’t just be a solitary experience either, friends could join in, even if they’re not physically with you at the time.


A virtual reality” (CC BY 2.0) by nikolys

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But don’t get too excited because, for all the hype, it may be a long time coming. While some may cite the relatively recent arrival of virtual reality into the mainstream, just a few minutes spent at will show you just how long the gestation period has been for this particular piece of tech.

There are similar mountains to climb for AR too. The first of these concerns creating the right hardware that is affordable for the everyday player. While many manufacturers are developing this kind of kit it’s nowhere near market-ready yet.

Then there is the question of developing the right software. Yes, there are businesses like who are offering easy-to-use solutions right now, but the far greater complexity needed to create a fully functioning augmented reality online casino is still quite a way off.

Yes, it will come eventually, but only after considerable time and money have been invested. However, casino operators are likely to want firmer assurances that this will pay off before truly committing to it.

So, if you’re hoping that by this time next year you may be playing in an AR casino, hold your horses. But do keep them saddled up because it will almost certainly become reality in the not-too-distant future.