How Should I Configure Mobile Slots for Optimum Play?


You may have been slightly put off playing mobile slot games, for you may have been under the impression that when playing them for example on a small screened mobile device you may not find them as enveloping and as exciting to play as slots you can play online or in person in a land based bricks and mortar casino!

With that in mind we would like to bring to your attention the fact that all of the slot machines you will find on offer at our featured mobile casino sites will give you access to a range of configurable option settings, and as such by making use of them you will be able to put into play your own unique slot playing experience and will be able to tailor each slot playing session you have on your mobile device.optimal

Below you will find we have listed some of the most used slot game option settings, so please do read on and when you next have a mobile slot playing session make sure you do configure each slot to allow you to have a much more entertaining and tailored slot playing session based on your own personal preferences.

Speed of Spins – You will find that many mobile slots will have an option setting that will allow you to either speed up the rate at which the reels spin and then stop or will slow them down somewhat. So keep that in mind as those settings will be ideal if you want to experience a slow and laid back slot playing experience or a rapid fire type of gaming experience!

Sound Effects – Some of the sound effects attached to many video slots in particular do add another dimension to your slot playing experience, and as such do make sure that you have the audio settings both turned on and up when playing slots on a mobile device. However, if you do find the sound effects to off-putting you can of course always mute them and turn them off!

Auto Play – Auto play options will allow anyone wishing to play mobile slots to be able to do so but in a way that the slots will play themselves. There are often many built in option settings you can utilize to configure the auto play option to allow you to set the slot not only playing itself but also in a way you find appealing. You can configure any number of spins to be played off automatically and also for a stake level you want to play each spin for!

Graphics and Animations – If you do have an older styled mobile device then do not think you are not going to be able to play mobile slot games on that device, for you will find there will be options settings that will allow you to configure each mobile slot in a way that all of the graphics and animations suit your style of handset.

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