Some Commonly Held Misconceptions & Superstitions About Online Casinos

It’s only human to believe in lucky charms and indications of good or bad fortune, and especially so if one is gambling. People have many misconceptions & superstitions around their casino visits, ranging from wearing a specific outfit to sitting at a particular table or even blowing on the dice before throwing them. Now that online gambling has become such a big business and increasing numbers of people are opting to gamble using their PCs and mobile devices.

It is, therefore, no surprise that there are quite a few notions about what constitutes lucky or unlucky behaviour when gambling on the internet. Some of these notions are:

Be Wary of These Misconceptions & Superstitions

Don’t Play When You’re In A Bad Mood

Many online gamblers feel that it is best to not log in if they are feeling down in the dumps. They believe that their low mood might drag their luck down and somehow influence the outcomes of their games. Interestingly, you shouldn’t dismiss this as mere superstition, because it’s really not a good idea to risk your money when you aren’t 100% confident about what you are doing. In fact, you might end up making very bad decisions if you aren’t focused and confident. In other words, this superstition is more about common sense and less about bad karma!

Quit The Game If It Doesn’t Load Quickly On The First Try

Many gamblers get spooked if the game they click on doesn’t load immediately. They move on to another game or another gambling site altogether. They do this to see if they will have better luck there. However, if you examine this superstition, then you’ll realise that it has more to do with practical concerns. For instance, about internet connectivity than anything else really. If a game is taking ages to load then perhaps there is a problem with the server, or even with your own internet connection. You will just waste time and will also get quite irritated in the process. As a matter of fact, it is far from superstition to quit the game because playing with a bad connection will only cause you to lose money.

The First Game Sets The Tone For The Entire Session

Quite a few gamblers share the feeling that if they win or lose the first game, then most of the other games will follow suit. Therefore, they decide to stay with gambling or quit it for the day based upon their initial performance. This is very clearly a superstition that has no basis on fact. The games available on online casinos have Random Number Generators (RNGs), and therefore the results are completely unpredictable. There is no such thing as a lucky or unlucky streak at online casinos. Each spin and game are independent of the other.

As you can see, there really isn’t any basis to following superstitions when you gamble on the internet. There is a great deal of fun to be had from gambling on the internet. There is a good chance that you’ll win money and free spins now and then. Misconceptions & superstitions are unlikely to help you win money when you gamble online. But there is one thing that you definitely should do to ensure that you have a great time gambling. You should choose your gambling site with a great deal of care.

As long as you pick an online casino that offers fairly run games in a safe and secure environment, then you will enjoy yourself tremendously and even win a bit of money. Another thing to look for is plenty of bonuses you can use to keep playing longer than you have actually paid for.

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