CES Las Vegas Disappoints Online Casino Industry

The highly anticipated CES Las Vegas just got over. While it showcased a huge array of technological advances, there wasn’t anything really exciting for the online casino industry. CES was previously known as Consumer Electronics Show. It is the Consumer Technology Association’s annual trade show. It is held every January at the glittering Las Vegas Convention Centre.

The tradeshow attracts a huge number of participants every year. This is where consumer electronics and technology companies launch their new products. Hence, companies make a lot of interesting deals. This year the event took place from the 5th to the 8th of January. Not surprisingly, it brought in tens of thousands of participants.

CES Las Vegas 2017

The 2017 CES was quite interesting for technology buffs because of the products that were launched this year. For one, users of MacBooks were happy to use the AirBar. It is placed under the screen and can scan for finger gestures. Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa also attracted a lot of attention because it offers a lot of promise for the future.

The online gambling industry always looks forward to CES. This business always adopts new technology in order to stay relevant in spite of changing customer preferences. However, this year’s event was a bit of a disappointment for the gambling software companies. It didn’t really have anything interesting to offer apart from upgrades in existing hardware.

Some Interesting Exhibits at CES Las Vegas 2017

The online gambling industry is making a marked move towards mobile gaming, and the display upgrades of smartphones will definitely benefit it. The industry has been struggling with the problem of small screen sizes and has been reworking gaming software to fit properly into smartphone screens, and therefore the improved displays will definitely help it out tremendously. Take LG’s nano cell display, for instance, which is truly spectacular. The same goes for the 216 screen setup.

There have also been interesting developments in the performance of earphones and laptops with reference to sound quality. This too will help enhance the customer’s gaming experience at online casinos. There were a few headphones that are quite effective at blocking out outside noises, a must have for a person busy gambling and wishing to play without interruptions. The Stages Hero was a headphone that attracted a lot of attention because of its ability to block out noise while still letting in ambient sound from a specific location of the user’s choice (a doorbell, baby monitor, or kitchen for instance) via a circular microphone. A player could definitely keep gambling without disturbance without being completely cut off from the outside world.

Razer had a very interesting product known as Project Ariana which is a high-tech projector that is designed to enhance a gamer’s main display. It comprises a 155º fish eye lens with 3D-sensing cameras that work with Razer’s spectacular Chroma lighting system to provide a viewing experience that is the most immersive so far. Project Ariana stops short of being VR but it certainly helps gamers get an enveloping gaming experience. Users of the Razer Chroma platform will definitely benefit from this product.

Lack of VR Launches at CES Las Vegas 2017

The lack of any good VR launches was really disappointing. After all, the gaming industry has identified VR as one of the drivers of its future growth. Lenovo had launched a VR headset but it didn’t really have anything to offer, that HTC or Oculus doesn’t already, except for a lower price.

The Acer Predator 21X is a terrific looking gaming laptop but it is quite costly at $9,000. Other interesting products are the Nintendo Switch and HTC’s mystery offering.

The gaming industry will probably have to wait another year to find any technology and products it can use.

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