CASHlib is an innovational voucher that is paid in advance and allows you to make payment deals with endorsed merchants, which include a rising number of supported online casinos, while not revealing your debit, credit card or personal bank details. CAShlib offers a 16-digit code, which allows you to deposit your money in a protected, safe, and most secretive way. Deposits made are instantly accessible for you. When you don’t want to use your credit or debit card, or you are cautious with your personal data and information, then a CASHlib voucher is a perfect payment option online. CASHlib vouchers can be bought from selected retail shops or in other outlets where the payment cards can be available such as in kiosks, petrol stations, or in some other shops.

About CASHlib

CASHlib coupon services are owned and provided by a company called IN PROGRESS SAS and were founded in 2018. The company’s headquarters are located in Wales, UK, to make online payment services simple. On CAShlib’s website, you will get all the information you need about customer service. You can contact the company through the provided online form at website. The homepage has a help page that contains most of the frequently asked questions together with answers. For unanswered queries, kindly visit or get to us directly through the form provided online for any questions or clarifications, and don’t forget to quote your voucher’s code for easy reference. The customer service department will be ready and eager to help and assist.

What is a CASHlib voucher?

CASHlib is a coded voucher that allows you to transact online and make deposits and payments at our CASHlib Casinos without the use of your personal or debit card. CASHlib has a specific 16-character code generated to represent the total cash you have paid just as you have paid in the denomination you have given out. The face value is recorded on the voucher. CASHlib can be purchased with an amount ranging from €5 to €250.

Making a payment via CASHlib

When you present a valid CASHlib voucher with the 16-digit code to deposit to a participating CASHlib supported merchant, CASHlib will authorize the transaction, and money is credited to your specific account right away. When you deposit a part of your credited value, then the balance remains on your voucher, and you can use it in later. Only the CASHlib owner can redeem his voucher code, so transferring or assigning to other parties is not possible. There are no transfer or gift options available.

Conclusion on CASHlib

You are not required to use any of your credit or debit personal cards when using a secretive CASHlib code. Your cash is enough, and personal details are not needed. CASHlib vouchers are a sure and secure payment method for use popular online casinos. When playing, your account will receive the credit instantly. If you want to pay for your winnings, you will be required to use an alternative method, and is one of the significant disadvantages, as payouts through our CASHlib vouchers are not possible.