Betway Partners Dismays by Handing Over Affiliate Accounts to Buffalo Partners

Betway Partners has raised more than a few eyebrows by allowing Buffalo Partners to take control of its revenue share affiliate accounts. The change will come into effect from the 1st of August 2017. The fact that Buffalo Partners has a very bad reputation in the affiliate programme business makes industry watchers speculate about the basis of the decision that can only annoy its affiliate partners. Buffalo Partners has unfortunately made a name for itself on account of its unfriendly business practices.

The decision of Betway Partners to risk its reputation by associating with a badly run programme is truly very surprising. After all, it represents one of the largest gambling operators in the world today and has a very large customer base. However, it has to be pointed out that people have speculated for many years that Betway Partners and Buffalo Partners are owned by the same entities. The newest development will only serve to give credibility to these speculations.

Buffalo Partners was launched three years ago when two affiliate programmes known as Referback and Wagershare merged with each other. The merger surprised a number of people, mostly because Wagershare had ruffled a lot of feathers by changing its terms and conditions, retroactively no less, that resulted in payments to affiliates being suspended in case they were not able to bring in new customers.

Buffalo Partners has been promoting Microgaming supported casinos from the time of its inception. In fact, it has focused on casinos operating with licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority. The company started implementing a number of practices that affiliates considered very business unfriendly.

There was a major problem with the migration of brands from Referback to the newly launched affiliate programme. The bands in question were deprived of their gaming licenses in the United Kingdom. Not all the gambling brands associated with Buffalo Partners were licensed by the UK Gambling Commission to offer services to residents of the country.

Betway Partners, believed to be owned by the same entities, had announced the start of Spin Casino to cater to the UK market. UK customers of Referback were informed that they would be migrated to the newly launched casino. Immediately afterward, many affiliates said that their players had vanished. This is a common practice in the online gambling industry, but one that is used by unscrupulous operators.

Buffalo Partners has been accused by many affiliates of using the services of a well-known affiliate hacker to unscrupulously drive traffic to casinos that partner it. Buffalo Partners has stoutly denied these claims time and time again. In fact, it has told many affiliates that the reason they couldn’t find their players is that their accounts had been blocked. However, the mounting evidence provided by affiliates demonstrates otherwise. Many of them have been able to demonstrate that in quite a few instances Buffalo Partners hadn’t even attempted to stop the violator. It had even gone to the extent of helping the violator, as can be seen by the huge numbers of new players driven to its brands.

It is clear to see that Buffalo Partners has enabled criminal activities for many years, either by omission or by the commission. There are plenty of people who believe that the company should be punished for this.

As of now, it is unclear whether the change from Betway to Buffalo Partners will affect the affiliates. Even so, there are likely to be plenty of concerns about what the future will bring given the bad track record of the latter company and the seeming unconcern with which Betway has addressed the entire issue.

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