Are We Moving Towards One-Stop Shop iGaming Platforms?

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Remember the days when an online casino simply offered roulette, slots, and blackjack, a betting site provided sports markets, a poker site only had card games, and an online bingo page stuck to random ball draws? Well, times have changed, and now the various offshoots of the iGaming industry are all offering the same things. Online casinos have begun to provide poker, betting, and bingo, while bingo sites now have slots and roulette. It appears as though we could be moving towards iGaming platforms being one-stop shops for all types of gambling games.

Because the online gambling world has become so competitive, sites have found that offering as many things as possible is a way to keep players from exploring other options. Online casinos have always had video slots on offer, and these games have long been among the most popular gambling options in the world. This is why poker, betting, and bingo sites have started to give their players the chance to play slots.

Online bingo sites, in particular, have begun to offer widespread options in an attempt to attract a more diverse variety of players. Buzz Bingo, for instance, has attempted to cover a huge target audience by integrating real-world bingo halls with online bingo. For good measure, the site also features slot games and entices new players with free spins.

Some would argue that it is better to offer one variety of game and make sure that the player experience for that offering is unrivalled. It is true that some sites that focus on one thing have found great success in the past. A number of specialist poker sites have been able to do the card game well by focusing on refining the playing experience of Texas Hold’em and ignoring things like slots. But in the current climate, it may be harder for new operators to compete with better-established sites when only giving customers one game to play.

It’s not just the iGaming industry that is trying to achieve a one-stop shop for all things. Consoles appear to be moving in this direction as well and have begun to provide a much more integrated entertainment experience. Now, from the PlayStation 4 home screen, players have access to all the games they have downloaded. They can easily scroll through these and find the thing they are looking for. From the same page, they could also choose to watch Netflix, YouTube, or even browse the internet. This idea could have sprouted from the mobile industry. For years, smartphones have excelled by providing users with all the things they need in the same location.

With technology becoming more streamlined, it seems that almost every offshoot of the gaming industry is looking to create an integrated experience in which numerous titles are available in the same place. While specialising in one game and doing it well can be lucrative, one-stop-shop gaming portals are likely to have more chance of survival in the fiercely competitive iGaming market. Soon there may be no difference between an online casino, a bingo site, and a poker page.

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