Are Loyalty Programs the Future of Online Poker Sites?

Online gambling makes more than $50 billion a year around the world, and in several countries such as the United States, poker is one of the most popular ways to gamble. This is why so many new online poker sites are popping up, hoping that new players, who would like to learn how to play the game or start playing on mobile devices, will create accounts.

For the online poker sites that have been running since before everyone was offering these games on the Internet, fighting these newer sites is going to become more difficult. Loyalty programs could help them win the battle, though, which is why many of your favourite sites are asking you to become a VIP.

What are the best Online Poker Loyalty Programs?

There are several kinds of loyalty programs available to online poker players and these will offer a variety of rewards for playing regularly and for making deposits often. Some of these will give players daily log-in bonuses such as more money to play with just for visiting the site each day. Others may offer rewards like this when players get other players to start playing online poker too.

The online poker VIP program from Paddy Power works a little differently. It gives players rewards for how much they play, with one Euro being turned into 20 Power Points. These points can then be given in for rewards such as free money to play more online poker with.

Is it Just Poker Sites Doing This?

Loyalty programs are incredibly popular with online poker sites because of how much competition there is. However, online poker isn’t the only game where players can get rewards for playing or for getting their friends to play with them. One game that has been very successful with this is Fortnite, which has a Battle Pass. With the Fortnite Battle Pass, players can get XP for getting eliminations, winning games, and for searching chests and these allow players to level up and get new emotes, characters skins and more.

Why Do Loyalty Programs Work?

Online poker sites are turning to loyalty programs as a way to grow in the industry because they stop players from looking elsewhere. When a site is offering you free poker play and other gambling bonuses, why would you look at another site? If a player was to leave the site for another, they would also lose those rewards.

These kinds of programs may also help those players get other players to sign up. If they feel good about the site and its online poker rewards, they will be much more likely to share that with other people, explains this article about customer loyalty.

The number of online poker sites may mean more competition for popular poker brands but it can mean good things for customers. Customers who enjoy free things, which is most people, can now get more of that just by playing.