7’s to Burn Slots

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Slot games that have bonus games, progressive jackpots and all manner of different bonus games can be very appealing at times, however so can the older looking, but still none the less highly playable 3 reel slots which offer something of a much more basic playing style such as the 7’s to burn slots game.

One of the main attractions of the 7’s to Burn slots game is that is has been designed to be a slot on which even though you will never trigger wheel spinning bonus games or pick to win styled bonus games, will give you plenty of play time for your money, and the reason for that is that it comes with a high payout percentage.

This is one of a number of classic slots on which there are three stepper reels but spread over those three reels you are going to find 5 fixed pay lines. The staking options have been designed to allow low to medium stake players to comfortably be able to afford to play it and you can set the coin value from 0.02 up to 4.00.

Just keep in mind that as the 7s to burn slot does have five fixed pay lines that does of course mean you will be required to play five coins spins, but when set at the lowest coin value setting that will mean a maximum line but minimum stake spin will only set you back 0.10!

High Roller Bonus Game

There is in fact a bonus game that can be triggered however much like the base game of the slot it has been designed to be as uncomplicated as possible!7's to burn logo

When triggered you are going to get to play off five linked spins, all on the same coin and stake values as you have in play when the bonus game was triggered, and as each of those five spins play off all of the 7 symbols will be tuned into wild symbols.

As such you will be hoping you do indeed get to see as many of the 7 symbols spinning into view as is possible, for the more of them that do spin in the more chances you will have of forming more winning combinations on any or even all of your five fixed pay lines!

High RTP

We hinted up above that the 7s to burn slot was something of a high paying slot due solely to the way that its long term payout percentage has been set to an above average amount, and with that in mind we are happy to report that payout percentages has been certified as being 95.10%!

If you do fancy giving this slot any amount of play time, and you want an even more relaxed slot playing session then do consider making use of the auto play feature. When you click on to auto play button you will be given the choice of just how many base game spins you wish to have the slot play itself for an the take levels in play on each of those automatic spins too.

Reel Symbols and Payouts

The top paying reel symbols in play on the three reels of the 7s to burn slot are of course the Red Flaming 7 symbols, and when you spin in all three of them and they all land on any one single fixed payline you will be rewarded with the jackpot payout which for reference is worth some 250 coins.

The second best paying reel symbols are the standard non-flaming Red 7 symbols and when you are lucky enough to get three of those symbols landing and spinning in on any of your pay lines your reward for doing so will be a 100 coin payout.

There are of course plenty of out different reels symbols that can be spun in, which include, in order of payouts from high to low, include a Star symbol a Bell symbol and also a Bar symbol. Those lowest valued reel symbols include a set of fruit rated symbols and those symbols include a Plum, Orange, Cheery and Lemon symbol.

If you do fancy playing this slot game online but want to get even more play time out of your bankroll, then do consider signing up to any of the sites we have showcased throughout our website that you are not already a player at yet. For by doing so you will be able to claim a sign up bonus when you become a new player at those sites and have made your very first initial deposit!


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