2017 Super Bowl LI – Everything You Need To Know

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2017 Super Bowl LI – Everything You Need To Know

One day in every National Football League fans calendar is of course the day on which the annual Super Bowl final takes place. The final sees the two professional American Football teams that have successfully made their way to the final battle against each other in the hope they will be crowned champions.

One thing you will notice about the name of each Super Bowl is that they are identified by Roman numerals and the fifty first one taking place in 2017 is therefore known as the Super Bowl LI and the match will be taking place on February 5, 2017.ring

Below you will find lots of relevant facts and figures surround this year’s Super Bowl LI and we will also be taking a look at some of the many different betting opportunities that are sure to be of interest to you.

Super Bowl Sunday Betting Opportunities

You are of course going to have a huge and quite varied range of different betting opportunities if you do fancy a wager on the Super Bowl LI, and keep in mind you are not going to have to make a trek to a land based sportsbook or betting shop to place those wagers as you can place a bet on your cell or mobile phone or your tablet device!

pay by phone optionOne aspect you may be interested to learn about regarding betting on the Super Bowl LI on your mobile device is that you can actually fund your betting account by having your deposits into a mobile betting site added onto your next phone bill!

Many of the sports betting sites you will find listed around our website will allow you to make deposits using a pay by phone banking option when you sign up to those sites and then log into your betting account and tap onto the banking interface.

Let us now give you an insight into some of the many different Super Bowl LI betting opportunities that are bound to be of interest to any avid National Football League fan!

Name the Finalists – At the time of writing this article, there were four possible teams that still have a chance of making it to the final and those four teams are of course New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

There are a number of sports betting sites offering a betting market on which you can select the two teams that you think will make it to the final, however those betting markets are time restricted as it won’t be very long before we know who they will be!mvp award

Super Bowl MVP – The Super Bowl Most Valuable Play Award is something else that you may be tempted to place a bet on if you are convinced you know who that player will be. The Super Bowl MVP is decided by a vote by fans and sports writers and the odds on each player will be displayed on the respective betting markets at several different Sportsbooks.

Be aware that it is not always going to be the red hot favourite to win the award that may do so, and as such it may pay dividends for you to select a player that you personally feel has excelled in the season as he may just be the one who does win that award, and you will get some much better odds than you would when betting on the favourite!

Super Bowl Outright Betting – One of the most popular wagers you can place on the Super Bowl is of course a bet on which team you think is going to win the final match. The odds are going to obviously reflect the chances of your chosen team.

Keep in mind however that each sportsbook and mobile and online betting site is going to be offering their own odds on the Super Bowl final, and as such never be in a rush to take the first odds you come across on your chosen team as by comparing the available odds at several different betting sites you will often find a couple of them offering slightly higher odds on both the favourite and the outsider.

Super Bowl Straight Forecast – One of the more unusual and unique bets you can place on the Super Bowl whilst there are still four teams in the running to make it through to the final is something known as a Super Bowl Straight Forecast bet.

This is a bet on which you simply have to select the team you think will be the winner and the team that will be runner up in the final. The odds will of course reflect the chances of the teams that will be placed first and second so there can be some value to be had if you are not convinced the favourite will win!

Super Bowl 2017 Odds Comparison Websites

If you are thinking of placing a wager on the 2017 Super Bowl, then one thing to keep in mind is that there are several different odds comparison websites that are going to save you hours in regards to looking up and comparing the odds on whichever bets you are thinking of placing.malcolm smith

How such a website works is that you simply input into the website the type of bet you want to place on the Super Bowl and then you will be presented with a list of a huge number of different sports betting sites and Sportsbooks and alongside each of them will be the current live odds for the betting opportunity or opportunities you are interested in placing.

You will be surprised at how the odds can vary at a range of different betting sites, however by using such a website you will always be able to check the odds on any type of bets you wish to place and those odds are updated in real time and as such they will be currently available if you act quickly and get your money down!

Super Bowl LI Live Streaming and Live Commentary

One thing that you will find very difficult to do these days is to acquire a ticket to the final! However, the Super Bowl is of course broadcast live across the world on a great many different TV channels, so you will be able to sit at home with your friends or family and watch it live.mic

However, one thing that may be of interest to you if you are not able to sit at home and watch is that a number of mobile sportsbooks offer their customers each a live video stream of the Super Bowl final or you will be able to hear live commentary from the match.

So keep that in mind if for one reason or another you cannot get near a television during the final as by making use of the live video streams or the live commentary available from many mobile sportsbooks you will not miss a second of the game!

Mobile Betting Bonuses and Super Bowl Promotions

As the Super Bowl attracts such high volumes of wagers before and even during the match you are going to find all manner of different promotional offers, free bet and deposit type bonuses are available to you at every single mobile and online sportsbook.

With that in mind let us give you an insight into just what type of promotional offers will be on offer to you if you are prepared to shop around and sign up to multiple different mobile sportsbooks and take advantage of the bonuses on offer to you!

Free Super Bowl Bets – As a first time sports bettor who signs up to some mobile betting sites you are going to find that by placing a bet on the Super Bowl you will be given a bet of the same value up to a certain amount irrespective of whether you initial bet wins or loses.

As such that does of course mean by taking advantage of this type of free bet offer you will be able to place two bets for the price of one and as such they do offer tremendous value and you should consider making use of them!

Deposit Match Bonuses – Another very popular type of promotional offer available at many different sports betting sites are known as a deposit match bonus. When you sign up to any site offering this type of bonus offer when you make an initial deposit the betting site will then flip you an equal amount of betting credits.

If you shop around hard enough you will often come across deposit match bonuses that will double the value of your initial deposit, and as such by depositing for example $100 you will be able to place bet of up to $200 when your bonus credits are added to our betting account, which in most cases they are instantly the very second your deposit is processed!

Consolation Bets and Bonuses – Many betting sites will also offer you a special type of bet known as a consolation bet on this year’s Super Bowl. How these types of bets work is that if you place a bet for example on one team to win the Super Bowl outright, but something happens in the match as predicted by the betting site and your bet is a losing one then you could get your money back on that losing bet!

You will have to look at just what will need to occur in the match on this type of wagering opportunity, however they are well worth placing as you can often get your money back even if your original bet loses if whatever the betting site has predicted happens during the match which could be anything form one player being sent off to another player scoring a certain number of goals!

Types of Super Bowl LI Betting Markets

Let us now take a final look at the many different types of betting markets that are going to be available t you in regards to placing a bet on the 2017 Super Bowl. Just keep in mind that you should check out and make use of as many different betting markets as you possibly can do to allow you to track down the Sportsbooks and sports betting sites offering you the best odds available!

  • Ante Post Betting Markets – A betting market known as an Ante Post betting market is available before the Super Bowl final gets underway. The odds you displayed on any such betting market are live and are updated in real time.
  • Live In-Play Betting Markets – Many online and mobile betting sites and sportsbooks will let you place bets and wagers on the Super Bowl final once the match has begun. These types of betting markets are known as In-Ply betting markets and the odds on each available betting opportunity will fluctuate as the game unfolds.
  • Online Betting Markets – As long as you do have access to a computer or laptop you are going to be able to sit down and study the online betting markets in your own time. By searching around you will always be able to easily find and then place the exact types of bets and wagers you want to place on the Super Bowl!
  • Mobile Betting Markets – Mobile betting markets are ideal if you are out and about when the Super Bowl is in play for you are going to be able to place your bets on your cell or mobile phone at any time before and during the match.
  • Land Based Sportsbooks – It may take you a little bit of time to visit several different land based Sportsbooks, however if you do want to join in the camaraderie and party type atmosphere that will be happening in such venues whilst the Super Bowl is in play then it will be worth the effort.

Keep in mind many land based sportsbooks will have all manner of additional extras available during the Super Bowl and you will of course be able to watch the match live with a huge number of fans of the sport at such a venue!